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Comparison of Fiber & Wireless Advantages

Traditional Advantages of Fiber vs. Wireless

There are always many contributing factors when building and/or upgrading a network. Generally speaking, the advantages of fiber vs. wireless could be..

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Introducing Minim - Improved Remote Customer Service for ISPs

As an ISP it can be difficult to diagnose your customer's WiFi issues from a call center. Most hardware and software will only give you a limited view of your customer's Network and devices. Often..

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Repair vs Replacing Fixed Wireless Equipment



Fixed wireless equipment has a tough life. The gear must perform 24/7 in the harshest environments, providing your customers with a reliable internet connection. When something goes wrong with..

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Why ISPs Are Turning to Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is quickly becoming the technology that Tier 1 service providers are embracing to deliver high-speed broadband to their customers. AT&T, Verizon, Windstream and Google have all..

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