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Broadcast: Getting Content To and From the Transmitter Site Webinar

Many broadcasters face an ever-increasing need to move more data to and from the transmitter site. Increased bandwidth for digital content and/or monitoring and control bring many benefits but how do you move all that data reliably and economically?


Fortunately, new solutions abound and Nautel's exciting six-person panel recently discussed available technologies in a webinar against four criteria: cost; reliability; audio performance; and suitability for SFN.


Our very own, Jeff Holdenrid joined host Chuck Kelly and other guests to share some of the traditional and new data transport options for studio to transmitter site communications. Check out the webinar below!




Did you learn a lot from the Nautel webinar?

We've heard some really great feedback from the Getting Content to and from the Transmitter Site webinar shown above. For the slide deck on this webinar, and to watch additional webinars hosted by Nautel, please click the button below.


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