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How to Optimize In-Building and Mobile Cellular Coverage with Cel-Fi

Constant, reliable connectivity is a necessity, and staying connected largely depends on cellular coverage. More than 70% of cellular calls are made indoors, where cell signal can dramatically..

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Advantages of Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Networks

The concept of a "hybrid" network comprised of both fiber and wireless implies that there are advantages to each, and that the sum of both parts is greater than either on its own. So how do today's..

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Benefits of Interference-Free Licensed Microwave

Use of licensed microwave spectrum includes certain key benefits that would improve any network, and make the service provider's life easier. Although licensed is often the best solution for..

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Winning Premium Clients with E-Band Gigabit Links

Higher tier clients may have requirements beyond the scope of even the best microwave wireless solutions on the market. This is where the extreme high capacity of mmWave spectrum E-band wireless can..

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