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DoubleRadius Announces 100% Employee-Ownership Plan

It's the evening of Dec. 12th, 2017, and all of our staff are gathered for a special dinner, with a rather mysterious announcement looming in the air...

As we all sit at our tables, eager to learn the news, a brief introduction is made by one of our founders. Then a slide presentation begins to play. As we look up, the text on the slide reads, "Under New Ownership." (Gasp)

This well-designed tease is then followed by a picture of one our employees appearing under the text...then another...and another... and so on, until ALL of the DoubleRadius employees are pictured on the screen.

A financial adviser then steps forward and states, much to to our surprise, that 100% ownership of the company is being transferred from our founders to all the employees of DoubleRadius. He further explains that DoubleRadius will now operate under a new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We are then all handed a gift box, inside which is a jacket with the DoubleRadius logo and the word "OWNER" embroidered on it. Now that's a surprise worth waiting for!
Jennifer Smith, DoubleRadius CFO, who was instrumental in preparing for this transition as well as keeping the secret, summarizes the sentiments well:
"Since our formation in 2001, our founders have gone to great lengths to assemble an amazing team, which in turn has created an incredible company. We have many loyal employees who have helped build DoubleRadius over the last five, 10 or even 15 years. We have an atmosphere of fun, family, and success. It's truly is a great place to work!
"The transfer of 100% ownership to our staff shows how much our founders appreciate our team, and trust us to build DoubleRadius to even greater heights. Likewise, our staff is now more incentivized and committed than ever."
So as we start 2018, we are indeed operating under new ownership! As owners, each member of the DoubleRadius team directly takes ownership of providing quality service to our customers - not only throughout 2018, but also for many years to come!

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