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DoubleRadius Announces New Distributor Relationship with RF elements

DoubleRadius is proud to announce that we are helping “Make 5GHz Great Again” by becoming a distributor partner of RF elements! RF elements is an antenna manufacturer that solves the issue of interference in wireless networks.




What Makes RF elements Different?


RF elements uses proprietary technology on noise rejecting symmetrical and asymmetrical horns. Their horns are designed specifically for noise rejection. Allowing service providers to scale their wireless networks without the pain of interference.


Horns not only block RF interference from an outside sources but also keep the signal from bleeding out through the antenna, reducing the risk of self-interference. You can see a good visual of a typical sector antenna vs RF Element’s horn in the video below:



Another reason RF elements is unique in the wireless networking is their lossless TwistPort connectors. Their TwistPort adapts 3rd party to RF elements proprietary TwistPort waveguide connector. This creates a virtually lossless RF connection between radio and horn.


The TwistPort connector requires zero tools for deployment. It makes upgrading and swapping out radios a breeze as you can see in the video below:


DoubleRadius continues its mission to offer state of the art technology for its customers. RF elements is no exception. Their proprietary horns and TwistPort connectors allows service providers to solve interference, RF loss and interference issues.


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