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IgniteNet Releases MetroLinq 60 GHz PTP

IgniteNet is excited to announce the latest product in its outdoor wireless product portfolio: MetroLinq! Operating in the worldwide 60GHz and 5GHz unlicensed bands, MetroLinq ushers in a new era of urban fixed wireless service, hybrid fiber-wireless networks, and other types of high capacity, short-range networks.


MetroLinq is capable of 1Gbps+ of throughput, low latency, and virtually interference-free links in almost any environment.  Link distances of up to 1-2km are made possible through high output power, high antenna gain, and excellent receive sensitivity.  Availability is further enhanced through a second, built-in 5GHz radio which can be used as a parallel backup link.  This 5GHz radio can also be used as a multi-tenant 802.11ac access point, providing unparalleled flexibility. 

Ignitenet MetroLinq - World's first low-cost option for 60 GHz Point-to-Point

Metrolinq backhaul Metrolinq



Starting at an incredibly low price of < $500 per unit, MetroLinq enables new business opportunities for service providers and system integrators.


Available models
Model 5Ghz radio 60Ghz antenna 5Ghz antenna MSRP
MetroLinq™ PTP60-35  
MetroLinq™ PTP60-35-1  
MetroLinq™ PTP60-19  


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