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Is Your Connection Stable & Secure? Selecting the Right Point-to-Point Products for Your Needs

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A point-to-point wireless network is known for its ability to safely transport data between two devices, despite the physical distance that could impact its stability. Here’s everything you need to know about this important piece of equipment and how it could transform the way you do business. 


What’s Point-To-Point (PTP) 

Simply put, point-to-point (PTP) telecommunications are a secure wireless data link between two fixed points, typically connected together over a wide area network (WAN). These products are typically bi-directional, and either time-division multiple access (TDMA) or channelized. There are a variety of reasons to use a PTP connection to support high bandwidth and low latency, including: 

Creating a secure cloud or data center connection 

Offering secure WAN access 

Helping with large file transfers 

Protecting data with disaster recovery options 

Supporting critical application performance 

PTP provides a higher level of security because wireless point-to-point communication is highly encrypted and inaccessible to outside, third-parties. It’s also a cost-effective and time-saving solution that makes the most of your existing resources without needing to install cables and conduits or having to utilize an unsecured Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access public internet. 

Check Out These DoubleRadius Offerings 

If you’re looking to upgrade to a better PTP solution, here are some products to consider adding to your list:

C600510C001A: Cambium ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box, 1GB

With pre-configured and pre-paired modules, deployment is a breeze, ensuring hassle-free connectivity wherever you need it most. Say goodbye to connectivity limitations and hello to expanded possibilities with Bridge-in-a-Box.

C600500C020B: Cambium cnWave 60 GHz V2000 Client Node

C600500A004A: Cambium 60 GHz cnWave V5000 Distribution Node Radio

Meet Cambium's 60 GHz cnWave V5000: the game-changer for fast, cost-effective gigabit wireless connectivity. This solution offers edge access and high-capacity backhaul, outperforming fiber at a lower cost. Ideal for businesses and residential use, it's certified for Facebook Terragraph and excels in high-density deployments.

C050045B032A: Cambium 5 GHz Mid-Gain 450b Subscriber and Backhaul

Elevate your connectivity with the Cambium 5 GHz Mid-Gain 450b platform, now enhanced with the 5 GHz 450b Subscriber and Backhaul Module. With ultra-wide band radios spanning 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz, enjoy up to 300 Mbps aggregate in a 40 MHz channel. This versatile platform serves as both a Point-to-Point link and a Subscriber Module, offering unmatched performance for your wireless network needs.

AF60-XG-US: Ubiquiti UISP airFiber 60 XG

AF60-LR-US Ubiquiti UISP airFiber 60GHz LR Radio

The airFiber 60 XG (AF60 XG) is your ultimate solution for a multi-gigabit, long-range 60 GHz bridge. With SFP+ support and a built-in 5 GHz backup radio, this PtP bridge spans over 4 kilometers, ensuring reliable connectivity. Plus, integrated GPS and a Bluetooth management radio streamline setup and configuration, making it a breeze to deploy.


IgniteNet Cloud-Enabled Outdoor 5GHz + 2.4GHz PTP/PTMP 

Meet the first AP capable of providing fiber-like connections to a variety of clients simultaneously. It’s also license-free in most markets, which allows it to move ultra-fast without the hassle of dealing with other frequency bands. Include additional radios to provide access to harder to reach applications like hotspots or fixed broadband. 

IgniteNet MetroLinq 60GHz Terragraph Long-Range Client Node (CN) with 90 Degree Coverage 

Deliver high-speed internet in a noise-free and unlicensed environment. When connected with a Terragraph-certified distribution node (DN), this product provides last-mile wireless gigabit connectivity to a variety of sites. 

There are so many benefits to upgrading to the right PTP solution, including giving your business the peace of mind it needs to continue operating securely and efficiently. Let our team here at DoubleRadius find the perfect PTP solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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