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Protect Your WISP Network

Have you ever thought about how your WISP network could be negatively impacted by external factors? Not only could neighboring WISP networks, or the weather, be hindering your network performance, but so could malicious network traffic and threats. WISPs should have a daily ritual of evaluating how their network is operating through the signals it is sending.


But how do you know your WISP network is being negatively affected? We've interviewed CEOs, Presidents, and Owners of some of the most successful WISPs in the industry to get their perspective on how they protect their own networks.


From our many interviews, we've created a WISP Essentials Guide: 10 Keys to Success for Industry Leaders. This guide is full of little nuggets of information on how to become a successful WISP business. You can download the full guide here or keep reading for a small snippet of Key #3: Protect Your WISP Network.



"Justin, Director of Network Operations for a Nebraska WISP, believes that the first step in protecting a network is listening to it carefully and consistently. Understanding what issues are happening and what is working as anticipated is key. WISPs should have a daily ritual of evaluating how their network is operating through the signals it is sending. By proactively monitoring, troubleshooting, and watching for patterns, WISPs can learn how to optimize performance from the network itself.

"Joe, Wireless Network Manager from a Minnesota WISP, noted the importance of being a good neighbor to other WISPs. He mentioned that WISPs wouldn’t appreciate getting bombarded with interference from neighboring networks, so they shouldn’t put up omnis everywhere and just wing it. WISPs should do their due diligence by building wisely and considerately, so they can expect the same in return. They should build the industry better by being a good neighbor."


Key #3 covers not only how to protect your WISP network, but also touches on the following tips:

  • Listen to Your Network
  • Pay it Forward
  • Filter Out Malicious Attacks
  • Protecting Against the Elements

Download the WISP Essentials Guide

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