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Ubiquiti UAP AC Pack Power Supply

Ubiquiti has released their brand new UAP AC 4 and 5 packs (UAP-AC-LR-5, UAP-AC-Lite-5, UAP-AC-PRO-5, UAP-AC-EDU-4). They have condensed the boxes on these units, but in doing so they have removed the UAP AC power supply in the 5 pack shipments.


So, which Ubiquiti UAP AC Power Supply Should You Use with  the New Ubiquiti UAP AC 4 and 5 Packs?

Ubiquiti UAP AC Power Supplies still come in the single unit orders, but not the 5 packs. Customers with large deployments have started using the PoE switches to power up the radios instead of the individual Ubiquiti UAP AC power supplies.


To simplify things and help limit confusion, we have included the correct power supplies to order below for the new Ubiquiti UAP AC 4 and 5 packs.


UAP-AC-Lite-5  -  24V, .5 Amp Passive PoE  (POE-24-12W-G)

UAP-AC-LR-5  -  24V, .5 Amp Passive PoE (POE-24-12W-G)

UAP-AC-PRO-5  -  48V, .5 Amp Passive PoE (POE-48-24W-G)

UAP-AC-EDU-4  -  48V, .5 Amp Passive PoE (POE-48-24W-G)



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