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3 Key Factors for Choosing Sector Antennas (Part II)

As you learned in part 1 of this article on 3 Key Factors for Choosing Sector Antennas, network performance is largely dependent on the quality of antennas you choose. Recent advancements in antenna technology have allowed operators to get more performance out of their networks, and in turn, keep their customers satisfied.


Canadian manufacturer KP Performance has been designing high quality antennas since 2008, and their latest innovation is their new ProlIne series. ProLine sector antennas are at the forefront of antenna technology in terms of performance, efficiency and network ROI. 


Read below to learn how ProLine series addresses each of the three key factors mentioned in part 1 of this article. 

ProLine Sector AntennasKeeping Gain Consistent

The ProLine series of antennas are specifically engineered to deliver stable performance over wide bandwidths with flat gain, for reduced distortion. Single and dual-band options are available for 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO in the following frequencies:

  • 2.3-2.7 GHz
  • 3.5-4.2 GHz
  • 4.9-6.4 GHz

By incorporating multiple frequencies on a single sector, KP Performance’s ProLine allows operators to integrate multiple radio platforms on a single antenna mounting point. Integrating multiple radio platforms onto a single sector will save you wind loading and money in tower rental.


High Standard for Front-to-Back Ratio 

Front to Back ratio is important for frequency re-use with opposing sector antennas. Today’s radio platforms require typically require antennas with 30dB, but this specification is starting to get more stringent. Many of the KP Performance Proline antennas provide 35dB – 40dB in response to these new requirements.


Essentially a higher number indicates LESS power being radiated from the back of the antenna, which is desirable when re-using frequencies, or in very dense applications. A good front to back ratio will prevent co-channel interference on opposing sectors/access points, as well as preventing opposite sector UE’s from ‘talking’ with the opposite Access Point.


Less Nulls for Better Performance

KP Performance paid extra attention to the area below the main beam in their ProLine series. Under the main beam there is often a sharp drop off in coverage or a null. ProLine antennas redistribute power below the main beam, boosting coverage for subscribers that live in close proximity to the base station.


Additional Performance Improving Features

  • Superior Port Isolation - Prevents unwanted energy transfers between ports with an isolation of < 20 dB. This is a fundamental element of MIMO, as each chain must be uncorrelated, or independent from one another. The ProLine also has industry leading cross polarization discrimination of < 10 dB, to prevent further unwanted energy transfers from occurring.
  • Upper Side Lobe Suppression - Reduces inter-cell interference with Upper Side Lobe Suppression (USEL). Micropops have become increasingly important and networks struggle to offer higher throughputs to their customers. When deploying a micropop, downtilt may be required to minimize interference from adjacent towers. ProLine antennas are specially designed to reduce upper elevation side lobes, which tend to point toward the horizon and create interference.
  • Multiple Beamwidth OptionsEnables frequency re-use.
  • Integrated Hoisting HookIncreases safety and convenience of installations.
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum Brackets - Prolongs durability with powder coated steel hardware.
  • Universal Radio Bracket - Allows quick-release with slot/clip design (compatible with many AP radios); and mounting to any size mast from 0.75 to 4.5 inches.


KP Performance's ProLine delivers on gain consistency, front-to-back-ratio, nulls, plus provides all of the additional features listed above. With a feature set like this, the ProLine is sure to increase performance for your network!


View KP Performance's ProLine Now


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