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Cambium ePMP 3000 Webinar Recap

The ePMP 3000 is the latest chapter in the Cambium Networks story. All the great features that are available in the ePMP 1000 and 2000 still come standard with the ePMP 3000 plus affordable MU-MIMO, 256QAM and 80 MHz Channels.

ePMP 3000 Features
GPS Sync Frequency Re-Use
Dynamic Filtering
4x4 MU-MIMO (Double Sector Capacity)
Uplink Beamsteering
256 QAM Modulation
80 MHz Channel Support
Higher Packets per Second
Improved Radio Performance (Reduced C/I Requirements)
More Subscribers per AP



What is MU-MIMO?


The ePMP 3000 MU-MIMO allows you to group subscriber modules together and deliver two MIMO data streams simultaneously. This means you are effectively doubling your throughput by serving two customers at once.




ePMP 3000 up to 5.3X Throughput


Most operators deploying the ePMP 3000 will not see their throughput increase the full 5.3X. However, most operators will have the opportunity to double their throughput by using the new MU-MIMO feature. Regardless of channel conditions and interference levels, turning up MU-MIMO should double your capacity.


ePMP 3000 can modulate higher than the ePMP 1000/2000. It comes out of the box with the ability to do 256QAM. If you are in an environment that will let you take advantage of additional modulation and use MU-MIMO, you should see an increase in throughput up to 2.7X.


To achieve 5.3X throughput you will need to take advantage of MU-MMIO(2X), 256QAM(2.7X) and the new 80MHz channel sizes. Most operators will not have a clean 80 MHz channel due to interference. Micro Pop deployments have the highest probability of locating a clean 80 MHz channel.






ePMP 3000 Compatibility


ePMP 3000 is fully backward compatible with previously released SMs. This means you can upgrade your AP without having to immediately upgrade the SMs. This allows you to upgrade your network at your own speed.


ePMP is also forward compatible. This means you can upgrade your SMs to ePMP 300 with a legacy ePMP AP.


To ensure the forward and backward compatibility is functional you will need upgrade all devices to the latest firmware.





ePMP 3000 Q&A


Q. How many subscribers can the ePMP 3000 support?

A. The ePMP 3000 can connect up to 120 subscribers.


Q. What is the coverage area of the new 4X4 MU-MIMO antenna?

A. The new 4X4 MU-MIMO antenna will provide 90 degrees of coverage.


Q. Is the ePMP 3000 compatible with the ePMP 2000 beam steering antenna?

A. Yes, you will be able to take advantage of beam steering in the uplink if you use the ePMP 2000’s smart antenna with the ePMP 3000.


Q. Are there other antenna options available for ePMP 3000?

A. Cambium’s 4X4 MU-MIMO is the only antenna Cambium currently recommends for ePMP 3000.


Q. Does the ePMP 3000 support 10 MHz channels?

A. Not at the current time.



Read Specs for ePMP 3000 AP


or watch the Cambium ePMP 3000 webinar recording now

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