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BTU Research Signs DoubleRadius

BTU and DoubleRadius have reached a distribution agreement. BTU is getting more popular in the Wireless Internet Service Provider market and becoming a trusted resource for them to have in their network so they can sleep at night.  DoubleRadius is excited to distribute their complete line of Uninterrupted Power Supplies to our customer base.  DoubleRadius continues to add high end products that will support and improve the performance of our Service Provider's networks.


BTU Research designs affordable energy solutions specifically targeted to reduce monthly utility costs and provide continuous protection of valuable electronics, equipment and appliances in the home and at the workplace. They help to protect and improve the energy efficiency of:

  • Homes and Apartments
  • Condo Associations
  • Commercial Buildings and Office Suites
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Plants and Small Industrial Plants
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Schools


BTU Research's  Advanced Reactive Capacitance Technology (ARC-TECH) improves the operational performance, productivity and efficiency of electrical circuits. The ARC-TECH PRO series combines electrical circuit efficiency with Surge Protection. This is a highly reliable and affordable solution to protect electronics, computers and valuable files while improving energy efficiency in the home and the workplace.


BTU Research Battery Backed Injector "The Brownout Buddy" has been an absolute hit with Service Providers and Telcos who can't afford downtime on their networks. These devices have saved their business from experiencing issues when lightning and/or power surges strike.



The "Brownout Buddy" provides an Uninterrupted Power (over Ethernet) Supply and surge protection with no downtime switching between primary PoE power and a built in battery backed UPS in the event of a power loss.  It automatically recognizes power disruptions and switches the power source from PoE power to an internal battery pack.   Switching between power sources is instantaneous, providing smooth, uninterrupted power to the system operations, where "always on" operating is required. Access Points, Ethernet Switches and IP addressable camera systems will all benefit with this power redundancy.


DoubleRadius is excited to be able to offer this much needed product mix to our Wireless Service Provider, Telco, and Enterprise customers. This product delivers and we have customers who would be more than happy to discuss with you how this product has saved them many times and kept their network running.

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