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Telrad and DoubleRadius Join Forces

April 7, 2015 Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE wireless and telecom solutions, today announced a new strategic partnership with DoubleRadius, Inc. based Charlotte, NC, to distribute, design, and support Telrad LTE solutions in North America. The agreement will enable DoubleRadius, Inc. to offer an expanded portfolio of solutions well-suited to address the connectivity needs of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and Regional Telephone Companies, particularly those facing Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) issues.


DoubleRadius customers include fixed and mobile operators and Telco’s that are seeking cost-effective coverage and capacity solutions for their networks. Telrad’s LTE BreezeCOMPACT is the world’s first LTE-capable Software Defined Radio (SDR) base station, designed for U.S. and Canadian 3.65 GHz frequency bands. The BreezeCOMPACT maximizes coverage, even in NLOS conditions.


Based on DoubleRadius Inc’s leading position in the WISP and Telco markets, Telrad is confident that this relationship will help Telrad continue its rapid growth and market penetration. DoubleRadius and Telrad both look forward to combined efforts delivering LTE communication throughout North America.”


“The Wireless Service Providers (WISP’s) and Regional Telco’s in North America are innovative companies that embrace new technology.   They are always looking for cutting edge technology that can improve the performance of their networks and the customer’s experience.  It is a very competitive market, so any technology advantage they can get allows them to compete against the cable companies and carriers” said, Jason Radford, Owner of DoubleRadius Inc.   “We’re excited to bring Telrad Networks to our market, and a full line of Wimax and LTE products that will open up new doors and revenue streams for our customer base.


DoubleRadius, has always prided itself in offering the best technology, combined with thorough design and top level customer service.  We have a very loyal customer’s that we have been designing and building wireless networks for over a decade.  Telrad is an excellent product line that fills a lot of voids that our customers have in their current networks, so we are excited about this new partnership.”


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About Telrad Networks

Telrad Networks is a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, boasting over 280 4G deployments in 100 countries. Telrad stands at the forefront of the technology evolution of next-generation TD-LTE solutions in the sub-6 GHz market. Since 1951, the company has been a recognized pioneer in the telecom industry, facilitating the connectivity needs of millions of end-users through operators, ISPs and enterprises around the world. Telrad's vision is to be the industry’s most radically innovative provider of LTE telecom solutions in the sub-6 GHz market, offering exceptional products and dedicated customer service. Telrad stands by our mission, to be an advanced technology developer, empowering our broadband wireless customers with optimized, versatile and cost-effective TD-LTE solutions.


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