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Cambium 3.65 GHz WiMAX Trade In



Time to Upgrade Your Networks with PMP 450!

It's time to upgrade your network to PMP 450 3.5 GHz or 3.65 GHz! Trade in your old WiMAX (802.16) products including PMP 320.

  • One (1) returned WiMAX AP = $1,000 credit
  • One (1) returned WiMAX SM = $125 credit


Advantages of PMP 450 vs PMP 320 (or any 802.16e-based product)
  • Throughput – WiMAX can provide a maximum of about 40 Mbps of sector capacity, while PMP 450 has the option for 20 MHz channels, resulting in over 125 Mbps per sector.
  • Latency – WiMAX products have latencies that start at 40-60ms and grow as subscribers are loaded onto the sector.  PMP 450 remains low and consistent with loading (in the 10-15ms range even under heavy load).
  • Modulation Modes – WiMAX supports 64-QAM as its highest modulation, while PMP 450 supports 256-QAM allowing for higher overall capacity.
  • Duty Cycle Flexibility – WiMAX only allowed 75% DL maximum while PMP 450 allows customized duty cycle from 15% to 85% downlink by 1% increments.
  • Spectral Efficiency – PMP 320 allowed frequency re-use, but required some guard band between adjacent sectors while PMP 450 does not require guard bands.
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