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It seems like a lot of manufacturers and even a lot of our competitors have gone to an online forum for technical support or provide NO technical support at all. DoubleRadius has been designing and installing complete turn key network systems for Internet Service Providers, Telcos, campus environments, municipalities, and small to medium businesses for over 15 years.


The difference between us and many others in the industry is that we have our own technical support team that installs equipment in our own wireless network every day. A lot of what we sell, we also put to the test in our network. This is powerful, because we have direct experience in your world with a huge variety of products including SAF, Cambium, Ubiquiti, Meraki, Ceragon, Dragonwave, Mikrotik, etc. We service over 10,000 clients with wireless throughout the United States. We also have designed and installed PTP Licensed Backhaul links all over the country for hundreds of our customers from the top of the Sphere in Las Vegas, to a remote island in Massachusetts.


We have built a really amazing technical team that can assist you with all types of designs involving wireless, video, or VoIP. In addition to our technical team, we have a fully trained sales team who can assist you with network design as, PTP path calculations, proper product selection, volume discounts, etc. Most of our sales team have been working with DoubleRadius for over 10 years.

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DoubleRadius, Inc. is your one-stop shop for networking and communications, providing you with the best equipment, turnkey technical solutions, financing programs and events.

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