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Cambium PMP 450 System Highlights

We have been designing and deploying Motorola/Cambium fixed outdoor wireless systems for Wireless Service Providers for a long time. We were the FIRST company to ever supply the Motorola Canopy system and we did it before the products were even released to the market.


We had built up a huge customer base of Motorola Canopy customers, won some very prestigious awards, and things were going great. Customers loved the Motorola Canopy system and were able to rapidly grow their networks to what they are today. Then came the sell off by Motorola. Cambium spun off Motorola several years ago and we were all a little worried what was going to happen. We had seen this song and dance several times before in the industry and we were concerned that our customers were going to be left with a proprietary system with no future upgrades or manufacturer support.


It took a little while, but Cambium is now once again engineering really solid fixed wireless broadband equipment. The Cambium PMP 450 system which we will discuss below is having a ton of success with our customers and they love the increased capacity, reliability, and frequency options.


Cambium PMP 450 Highlights:
  • Available in 2.4 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 3.65 GHz, 5.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz
  • Up to 125Mbps of throughput per AP
  • Up to 240 subscribers per AP
  • Industry leading GPS synchronization for frequency re-use
  • Dynamic Adaptive Modulation up to 256QAM
  • Self-Interference Mitigation technology
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Triple Play Growth - Optimized for VoIP, Video, and Data
  • Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Low Complexity
  • Optimized for Fixed Outdoor Wireless Applications
  • Very Scalable - This system is designed to Co-Locate multiple AP's and BH's on the same tower
  • Proven Success - Deployments in 50 countries
  • Carrier Grade Unlicensed Point to Multipoint Equipment



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