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DoubleRadius Partners with Important Charities in Supporting our Communities

If you’ve ever worked with our team here at DoubleRadius then you know that building and supporting our community in a variety of ways is something we’re incredibly passionate about. By partnering with local non-profit organizations from all across the region, we have been able to work together to find new ways to help others within our community — and beyond.

Here are a few organizations who hold a special place in our hearts and ways you can get involved in the coming months.


DoubleRadius Cares

Roof Above’s Operation Sandwich Spreads Holiday Cheer

Roof Above is a comprehensive homeless service provider who believes that homelessness is solvable, and works diligently to ensure that everyone has a safe, affordable roof above their head. 

During the holiday season, DoubleRadius participated in “Operation Sandwich”, which sought to prepare over 1,500 meals to be served to the homeless community in Charlotte. Our team was privileged to participate in such a compassionate and supportive community endeavor, providing nourishment and hope to so many around Christmastime.

If you’re interested in getting involved or donating towards Roof Above’s causes, visit their website to see their current needs and how you can help.

Trips for Kids Bike Building Competition

Trips for Kids Charlotte’s Inspiring Bike Building Competition

Since its inception in 2000, Trips for Kids Charlotte (TFK) has been a cycling adventure catalyst for underserved youth in the Charlotte metro area. Through their three main programs (Earn-A-Bike, Ride Program, and Charlotte Re-Cyclery), the organization has been able to empower children of all ages with bicycle education and access to a new mode of mobility. 

Together, TFK Charlotte and DoubleRadius recently worked together to organize an exciting bike-building event. Here’s how it worked:

DoubleRadius employees were divided into small groups and tasked with assembling bicycles without the help of instructions — and on a time challenge! Once each team completed their task, they proudly presented their final product to professional bike assemblers who carefully inspected and fixed the bikes to ensure total safety with the end product. 

The best part of this event was when these bikes were then donated to local kids, offering more children the opportunity to learn how to enjoy their new rides in a variety of ways. There’s something so rewarding about spreading joy and fostering a sense of community in such a unique way, and the DoubleRadius team feels so grateful to have experienced such a memorable and fulfilling opportunity to come together as a team to build something for a worthy cause. 

To learn how you can get involved in Trips for Kids Charlotte’s work, visit their website.  

Promising Pages’ Book Collection Drive Promotes Literacy 

Promising Pages is a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization that collects new and donated books in order to share them with local children who can then build self-selected libraries with a variety of books that will promote reading habits and a desire to learn. 

In 2022, DoubleRadius employees participated in a Promising Pages’ book collection drive in order to bring in more books for kids of all ages who may not have access to these resources at home. Thanks to the selfless efforts of our community, quite a few children in need were given the opportunity to discover the wonders of reading and embark on new and exciting literary adventures. 

Check out their website to see how you can get involved in their important efforts for the children in our community.


Blood Drive Operation

OneBlood’s Crucial Blood Drive Operation

During the challenging times at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our local community blood bank experienced a significant shortage of blood supply. As we faced unprecedented circumstances during the pandemic, the need for blood donations became even more critical. Many patients, including those battling serious illnesses, recent trauma victims, and critical surgical patients, rely on donated blood in order to survive. 

In order to help with the shortage, DoubleRadius partnered with OneBlood to host a blood drive that enabled employees to sign up ahead of time to donate blood. This event was successful in restoring hope and bringing together our community towards a common goal during an uncertain time. 

See how OneBlood can help your community support the medical providers in your area by ensuring that they have an ample supply of blood in case of emergency. 

The Humane Society Hosts Drive for Supplies

Did you know that DoubleRadius has an incredibly dedicated employee who volunteers weekly to work with The Humane Society, helping care for needy animals in the Charlotte metro area? In order to do our part, the larger DoubleRadius team occasionally organizes a collection drive in order to gather much-needed supplies that this nonprofit organization is in desperate need of. This includes items such as pet food, blankets, cleaning supplies, toys, and other pet essentials to maintain the well-being of the animals in the care of The Humane Society at any given time. 

Feeling inspired to get involved? Consider fostering a pet or volunteering for the cause. 

Customer Gifts to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps make wishes come true for children with critical illnesses. These wishes can be life changing – 99% of doctors say these wishes can relieve a family from traumatic stress, and 87% of Make-A-Wish alumni say their wish was a turning point in their treatment journey. 

In 2022, the DoubleRadius team decided to do something different for their end-of-the-year customer gifts. Instead of going the traditional gift route, the organization donated money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in every state that our customers were located. This allowed us to give back to the wider community and positively impact the lives of children and families in need all across the States. 

Join the Make-A-Wish Foundation in changing a child’s life this year. Learn more about how you can get involved. 

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