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Easy Steps for Switching to Federated SAS


Switching to the Federated Wireless SAS from another SAS provider is easy! In this quick tip video, Federated explains the relatively simple steps. The text from each screen is included below the video for your convenience, as is an optional PDF.



Easy Steps


  1. Obtain your new Federated SAS Organization / Account Identifier (UR-ID) for configuration into your Base Station and CPE CBSDs / OEM Domain Proxy.

  2. Log into the Federated Wireless SAS Web GUI and if needed create accounts for your other administrative / CPI users.

  3. For OEM equipment mandating two-step CPI registration using the SAS GUI, CPIs use the SAS GUI installation screen to configure the CPI installation parameters.

    NOTE: For a large number of 2-Step CBSDs contact your SAS sales rep for information about the Federated CPI Bulk-Upload tool.

  4. Ensure the INSTA CA root certificate for Commercial SAS is installed in your CBSD / Domain Proxy. You may obtain the root certificate if needed (or contact your CBSD OEM support).

  5. Configure the following into your CBSD / domain proxy:
  6. Start registering devices and transmitting!


Download Instructions for SAS Switching


Need a PDF of the above steps? Click below to download, or for additional assistance, contact DoubleRadius.


Download SAS Switching Instructions


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