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DC Power System Solutions with ICT

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DC Power System Solutions with ICT


In today's world, technology is evolving at an exponential rate, and the use of technology is rapidly increasing across all sectors. With the growing dependence on technology, reliable and efficient power products are more crucial than ever. In our recent 4-part Solution Series, DoubleRadius talks with Blair Clements from ICT, a leading provider of DC power solutions, about this technology and its benefits.


Solution Series Part 1: Introduction to ICT


In this video, Blair Clements, the VP of Sales and Marketing at ICT Power, introduces the company and describes its history in the market. ICT has been in business since 1986, initially catering to the land mobile radio market before branching out into the wireless internet service provider space about 10 years ago.


With the growing demand for high-speed internet, many customers in rural areas require dedicated DC power plant solutions to support their networks. ICT's DC power solutions offer remote management options, which have been key drivers of the company's success. Blair and Jeff discuss the importance of resolving issues remotely so that network downtime can be reduced significantly, which is particularly beneficial when technicians would otherwise need to travel long distances.


The use of fiber solutions is also discussed, as some networks are shifting toward a hybrid approach, and ICT is able to provide solutions for powering the fiber side of these sites. Together, ICT and DoubleRadius are able to guide customers in providing the appropriate DC power solutions based on their specific needs.


Solution Series Part 2: DC Power Supplies with ICT

In part 2 of the Solution Series, Blair and Jeff discuss the different power levels and options available for the DC power supplies from ICT, including the Pro and Platinum series.

The Pro Series, which is an entry-level power supply that is a more cost-effective solution for small sites, is available in 12, 24, or 48-volt models. The next level up is the Platinum Series, which takes all the power conversion of the Pro Series and adds intelligence to it, enabling remote monitoring and control of the power supply from a TCP/IP connection.

The ICT IntelliCharge series is also mentioned, which is a smaller, cost-effective power supply solution for low-power sites. This is a 360-watt power supply that provides three-stage charging to batteries for optimal charging conditions.
Overall, this video provides an overview of the different options available for DC power supplies, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right option based on the site's criticality and power requirements.


Solution Series Part 3: Intelligent DC Power Distribution Panels

Part 3 of the video series details the concept of distribution and how the DC distribution panel is needed to power up all of the various devices on your towers. This helps feed the voltage from the DC power supply or power system into the DC distribution panel and out into the load devices being used. Doing so allows for individual connection points for each of your load devices.


ICT has been producing these DC distribution panels since 2010. The difference in ICT’s distribution panels is that they are intelligent and enable you to monitor each individual output, the load current for each device, and turn devices on and off remotely.


Models offered include:
Single Bus (typically utilized when a single DC voltage is needed at the communication site)
Dual Bus (typically utilized when multiple DC voltages are required for that particular site)


Solution Series Part 4: Power System Supplies

In the last part of the Solution Series on ICT Power products, Blair and Jeff discuss the Modular Power Series and Hybrid Power Series, including the Ultra versions of these. As mentioned in the video, the need for extra power becomes evident as products become more power intensive. Many customers are thinking ahead and looking to future-proof their sites with the Ultra versions of these power series in order to be ready to handle potential growth.


ICT is the leader in power solutions that ensure that all devices and connections receive stable and reliable power, minimizing the risk of power outages and equipment, which is imperative for the connectivity required in our current world. These systems are essential components in various industries that rely on efficient power sources. Whether you're in the automotive, telecommunications, or renewable energy sector, these devices are crucial in powering up electronic systems and equipment. If you need help making an informed decision on the right equipment for your needs, get in touch with us today. With the knowledge and expertise from ICT and DoubleRadius on your side, you can ensure that your power systems operate safely, efficiently and effectively.

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