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Solution Series: Smart Alternative to Rewiring Buildings with Positron

Welcome back to the Solution Series brought to you by DoubleRadius and hosted by, yours truly, Jeff Holdenrid. 


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Watch the full video: Solution Series: Smart Alternative to Rewiring Buildings with Positron


About 4 months ago we introduced Positron as a new vendor of DoubleRadius, and the uptick of interest on that has been huge. In that Solution Series: Positron Refurbishes Fiber with G.HN video we had Jeff Clement teach us about the solutions, but today we actually have product on the table.


Positron solution is where we are using the existing cable in buildings to provide broadband services at very high speeds. I know a lot of people say "Just rewire the building.", but time costs money. Positron has created solutions that provide very high throughputs at great distances. It is something that is typically Plug-n-Play; you hook it up to the system, drop in the end points, and away you go. 


Just to give you an idea; when you are talking about CAT3, and we use the term SISO
which is a single twisted pair of CAT3. Positron can do 1000 Mbps at 150 meters. If you are running on 2 pair of CAT3 (MIMO) it increases up to 250 meters. They also have a solution that works over Coax, that gives us greater distance and is more cost effective when splitters are involved and when it comes to per port (to be discussed more below). When you are talking about Coax, RG-59 gives us 305 meter range at 1000 Mbps, RG-6 gives us 762 meters, and if you have RG-11 in the building it is greater than 1000 meters to be able to create Gbps connections.



Some of the products they offer:

Indoor and Outdoor GAM solutions, it is offered in a CAT3 solution, as well as a Coax Solution.






Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 4.32.02 PM





     The outdoor we are featuring today is the GAM-4-MX which    

    is a CAT3 solution, also made in the Coax too, which is

    exactly the same both ways.








When opened:




  • SFP cage for the fiber coming into the building
  • Management ports
  • Power on the top
  • 110 Punch Blocks for SISO or MIMO CAT3 connections

The CAT3 solution is port for port, meaning if you only have a 4-port (as featured) they are sized out to only speak with 4 end customers. They make this product in a 4 and an 8 in both the CAT3 solution and the Coax solution. It comes with a mount, includes all the grommets you will need, and a power supply.



Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 4.32.35 PM




     Let's talk about the indoor piece, the rack mount.









The one we are featuring is our rack mount Coax solution, the GAM-12-C. 


  • 12 F Connectors
  • 1.7 Gb per port
  • Can be used up to 16 splitters per port  (The growth is huge when you think of a 1U system with 12 or 16 splitters, that is a lot of end customers this can support, especially when using existing cabling in the building.)
  • SFP Cage for inbound bandwidth or fiber (daisy chain if you need to)
  • Management Port
  • Power supplies included


This rack mount unit is pretty simple and easy. Those are all F-connectors so you would simply tie them into your splitter and away you go to the end user.

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 4.31.31 PM




     This is one of the end devices Positron offers. If we

    speak of the above  products (in the wireless world) as

    your APs, these would be your CPE.  G1000's.






This product comes with a Coax port for the coax solution, it comes with a power supply, and it also has 2 Gb ethernet ports. This particular model also does PoE out. Where that is a huge win is when we are speaking of enterprise solutions, multi-dwelling, multi-tenet, affordable housing, student housing, apartment complexes, government building that have been around since before 1995 when CAT5 really became a big deal.


If you were to take this G1000 devise with the PoE out that we are featuring and pair it with a Cambium Networks WiFi-6 Wallplate (XV2-22H) that has a PoE in, a PoE out, and a pass-through port on the bottom you can basically run your GAM CPE in the room (Gig-out) into a wall plate (which you might already see being used in hotels) and now you have WiFi, extra ethernet ports = win win scenario.


A nice neat solution.


How do these pieces of equipment lay out? Let's look at the slide below:






This is a layout for the Coax solution. They look exactly the same, the only difference when looking at the CAT3 is 1-port per 1 end user, where the Coax side is 1 port per splitter (up to a 16 way splitter). You can see in the building you have your rack mount
unit at the bottom and each one of these are being tied into Coax splitters that run into
the end piece .. no cable runs needed! 1.7 Gbs per port is a lot of bandwidth to pump in high speed services to the end user, business, residence, however you see that fit.


Another application I would like to show is what has changed over the years. Coax in the air is owned by the cable company, but once it reaches the property chances are it is owned by the tenet. They now have control over how that Coax and cabling is used. With that said, we are seeing a lot of interest in this, especially when it comes to your RV Parks, campgrounds, places where cables are already there and you need to backbone to the cabins and to where the RV Parks are coming in. We already know these are high tree environments. Sometimes wireless is really tough for PTP (Point to Point) to get the bandwidth where it needs to be, this is an awesome solution for drop in, simple, and easy.



One of the other things to discuss is the SFP Ports. Now, this is a rumor we have heard but has not been confirmed yet ... 


Positron is possibly speaking with fiber providers today, manufactures of the fiber gear, and they are working on a solution / to put their SFP module into the head end units then put their CPE at the end making it transparent so you can actually manage it. It will look like it is fiber the entire way across, single pane of glass, now you can take your fiber solutions that you are deploying today and manage it all the way through in a single pane of glass. Hopefully we will be able to report more on that in the near future, as of now it is a rumor we are hearing.


We are happy to showcase these products for you real quick as we are getting a lot of questions and a lot of interest, especially from MSPs, the MDUs, the high-rises, the hotels, etc. Those are great fits for this, even for  the historical towns or areas of the cities.


If time is money save time, work smarter not harder, look at Positron today.


Reach out to your sales representative, have them answer all your questions, get pricing .. you will be surprised at how cost affordable they are! $100-$200/piece on your CPEs depending on the features you want; voip or pots, PoE or you just want a basic ethernet port. That is a great price.


Let us put you in touch with the right people, we will even put Positron on the phone for any questions we can't answer. Let's work together for a smarter solution. 


For more information on Positron and their products ↓







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