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Introducing Cambium cnHeat

For years WISPs have relied Cambium’s free powerful LINKPlanner tool to deliver accurate PtP and PtMP path studies. However, LINKPlanner relies on the user to input accurate data on the Earth’s clutter such as buildings and trees. Now Cambium offers WISPs a new powerful planning tool called cnHeat


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What is cnHeat?

Cambium has taken network planning to the next level with the release of cnHeat, a next-generation RF Planning service. It aims to assist WISP operators in saving money, increasing efficiency and reducing truck rolls. cnHeat combines Cambium’s expertise in RF planning, propagation, and modeling with GIS data down to 1-meter precision, providing highly accurate real-world RF predictions that allow you to plan with precision.


Cambium's cnHeat supports the ePMP and 450i product lines in 5 GHz. It also supports 450i in 3 GHz LOS (Line of sight).

Instantly Predict New Customer Coverage

cnHeat is highly accurate and easy to use. Even untrained customer service operators can easily tell if a prospect has coverage. Utilizing cnHeat will also reduce truck rolls for site surveys, as it enables team members to Instantly know if a prospect is a candidate for your services.  


"Yes, we do have service in your location!"




Plan for Expansion 


Planning network expansions can be highly complex. cnHeat takes the guess work out where to locate towers and how high to place SMs for maximum efficiency. Simply toggle between different towers and mounting heights and see accurate real-world RF predictions. Find exactly where your next tower needs to be located for maximum coverage. 




 Optimize Customer Installs


cnHeat allows installers to predetermine optimal install locations by locating hot spots on the customers premise. For instance, your installer would know before arriving at the property that the signal is strongest on the rear roof. This can save hours of looking for signal on customers homes and businesses.



house with signal in back



Get Started with cnHeat


cnHeat is available in 1 year and 3 year subscriptions at very affordable prices, which can be paid quarterly or annually. A significant discount is also available for a prepaid 3 year subscription. Call the DoubleRadius team at 866-891-3602 to get started with cnHeat, or for watch a cnHeat demo with Hiawatha Broadband learn about real world results!



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