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Metrolinq 10G Omni: "Swiss Army Knife" of Access Points

IgniteNet's new Metrolinq 10 Gbps Tri-band Omni is the first Access Point (AP) that has multiple configuration options in one unit, with multiple 60 GHz + 5GHz + 2.4 GHz radios in one compact and cost effective design. It can be deployed as a backhaul with a failover and provide last mile access at the same time. The 10G Omni is also compatible with all other Metrolinq products. All things considered, this versatile and cost effective AP is the "Swiss Army Knife" of APs!


Tri-Band Omni Infographic


To help explain the benefits of IgniteNet's Tri-band Omni we've created this infographic:






To learn more about the new IgniteNet Metrolinq 10 Gbps Tri-band Omni AP or to place an order, click the button below:


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