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Benefits of Interference-Free Licensed Microwave

Use of licensed microwave spectrum includes certain key benefits that would improve any network, and make the service provider's life easier. Although licensed is often the best solution for..

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Winning Premium Clients with E-Band Gigabit Links

Higher tier clients may have requirements beyond the scope of even the best microwave wireless solutions on the market. This is where the extreme high capacity of mmWave spectrum E-band wireless..

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SAF Integra Webinar Recap: Multi-Gigabit Licensed Backhaul

SAF Tehnika has been engineering quality RF solutions since 1994 from their headquarters in Latvia. DoubleRadius recently had the opportunity to host SAF for a webinar on Multi-Gigabit Licensed..

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Greater Connectivity with MU-MIMO

Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology helps service providers deliver service to meet subscriber's ever-increasing demands. This allows Wireless Internet Service..

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