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RF Planning is one of the most critical things that can make or break a wireless network. RF Planning is a critical component for successful design, deployment, and expansion of fixed broadband wireless networks, wifi deployments, etc. DoubleRadius engineers have worked with hundreds of companies over the last 15 years to help them develop and design an RF Plan for their network. Without a solid plan, things could turn out really bad for a company as they expand their broadband wireless network.


Proper RF planning and network optimization are essential to obtain the best performance for all system users.  To accomplish proper RF planning, you need to go through a rigorous process of investigation, spectrum analysis, allocation of radio frequency resources, and a definition of parameters. DoubleRadius has decades of combined radio-frequency planning to help our customers optimize their networks. In fact, we operate our own 10,000+ subscriber network ourselves, so we understand how critical planning needs to be.


Everyone wants to get the best return on investment (ROI) they can from their wireless network. Let's face it, you are always expanding your network which costs money, so capitalizing as much as possible is extremely important. Most of us try to operate at the lowest cost while maintaining the necessary quality of service. The primary goal of RF planning is to maximize traffic capacity and performance by optimizing system coverage and spectrum efficiency. Listed below are some of the RF Planning services we offer. We specialize in Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks, SAF, Dragonwave, Ceragon, Mimosa, Ligowave, and Cisco Meraki.

RF Planning Services

  • Interference Analysis
  • Coverage Prediction Analysis and design
  • Frequency Planning (Now and the Future)
  • Possible Future Locations for Base Stations
  • Traffic uplink/downlink analysis
  • Capacity planning and design
  • PTP backhaul analysis and design
  • Site Survey
  • Detailed RF Planning and design
  • Network Optimization Analysis
  • RF Training



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