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Solution Series: Eupen Cable & Raycap Surge Protection Fiber Box


In this addition of our Solution Series, we take a look at a creative and effective way to manage all of the cables required for tower installations, while also providing surge protection. Our host, Jeff Holdenrid, reviews how products from two of our partners, EUPEN and RayCap, form a solution that enables tower crews to safely and securely complete onsite installations. Read the complete vlog transcript below, plus find with links for additional resources. 


Cables, Cables Everywhere!

Welcome to the Solution Series brought to you by DoubleRadius, and hosted by yours truly, Jeff Holdenrid.

I’m really excited about today’s products! We’re going to talk about some of the cabling from EUPEN and also a breakout box from Raycap. In all my years I’ve been on sites, and I’ve been on a lot of tower sites; the amount of cables that we put on a tower is just nuts! There’s cables, cables, cables, everywhere.

With all the deployments of LTE and licensed backhaul, most of these devices are powered by DC, and they’re also fed by fiber. This honestly is a smart way to go, because the first thing that pops in a static discharge is ethernet. This solution will help us mitigate that.

I want to show this product because every time I’m on site helping with integration, tower crews get on me about how many cables they have to put on the tower, and how many clamps they have to use to clean it up. This is a smart solution on how we can do that.


A Smart Solution that You Can't Mess Up!


This is the cover of the box, and when you take it off, you can see it has a carabiner that clips to the corner. So when your tower crews are working on it and they unhook the cover, this doesn’t become a kite and just fly away.




The carabiner on the cover clips to the corner of the box


Let’s break this down and talk about the cable first. The EUPEN cable is is approximately 5/8 or 7/8 depending on what’s inside of it. The one we’re going to showcase today actually has six pairs of DC and it has 12 pairs of single mode fiber. What's really cool is each one of these cables is labeled correctly so you can’t mess it up. You have a red black one, red black two, all the way up to read and black six. The same thing for the fibers. It's a nice, neat outer jacket, and it can be clamped to your towers using standard cable clamps.

So enough about the cable. Let’s talk about the overall solution. We have our EUPEN cable coming into the bottom through the large grommet. There are multiple grommets in the box, and each one of them has their own purposes. The main one is obviously for your main cable.


You can see this is broken out into all of these little black and red DC cables where they have a clamp for each one, all the way up. Each one of those clamps is tied to a surge protector, the surge protectors can snap in or snap out and you can replace them as need be.




Each clamp is tied to a replaceable surge protector


So now let's talk about the data side. The fiber has its own jacket which is located in the middle of the cable. These breakout on their own and wrap around the little tension strap and terminate into the fiber breakout panel.

Then you can see here we have this DC cable that we have broken out through the grommet and run a custom length to whichever radio you are using.




DC cable runs through the grommet to a custom length

Like the DC we have an individual one pair of fiber with its own grommet, once again with a custom length to the radio. If you notice, we also have another grommet that ties to the ground bar which is built into it which makes for a nice clean and simple installation.





Grommet on the left ties to the built in ground bar


Simplify Your Installation and Save Money


Really what we’re doing is we’re simplifying your installation. This means your tower crew will spend less time on tower site, saving you money. In many cases you won't own the tower, but instead be renting space on the tower. Some tower owners charge per cable. This solution allows you to run just one cable up instead of 14, 16, 18 cables, making it much simpler and much cheaper in your monthly rent!

We’re actually getting ready to deploy these in one of our solutions coming up, and it’s going to be amazing to see how much cleaner the tower is, how much less time we spend on site, and hw it creates an all-around better solution.

I hope you enjoy the introduction to this EUPEN cable and Raycap breakout box. Your sales reps at DoubleRadius can talk you through this more, or if you need me I’ll be glad to jump on the phone to talk, and showcase this even more to you.

Once again, this is the Solution Series hosted by DoubleRadius, I hope today has been educational and we look forward to bringing you more soon.


Watch the EUPEN and RayCap Video


If you are interested in this solution or have any questions, please feel comfortable reaching out to our sales teams. Please take the time to enjoy this video by clicking the link below! Hopefully, you will value the time to learn about simplifying the installation for your tower crews.



Watch EUPEN & Raycap Video

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