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Telrad and Mimosa Buzz

Telrad and Mimosa both created excitement at the WISPAmerica 2015 show late in February. Our phones have been ringing off the hook with customers who are interested in both of these manufacturers. It is great to see new manufacturers coming to the market with solid products again. Lets take a look at what is stirring up such a buzz about these products. First let me say, that it is going to be a great year for some exciting new products that will open up a lot more opportunities for Wireless Internet Service Providers to attack different markets. 


We are currently a distributor with Mimosa and have had success with their PTP B5 line. Customers have been pretty impressed overall with the system in its early stages. Also, Mimosa has been involved a lot with the FCC as well as the Wisp marketplace which is a great thing. They are pushing hard for the 10GHz spectrum with the FCC which would be great for all Wireless Internet Service Providers if that band opens up in the United States.  Mimosa just released their Point to Multipoint A5/C5 system at the WispAmerica show. This created a lot of buzz.


Mimosa A5/C5 Point to Multipoint System Highlights:thumb-prod-ovrvw-A5-360thumb-prod-ovrvw-A5-90
  • Multi-user Mimo
  • 256+ clients
  • 4x4 MiMo
  • up to 1 Gbps
  • 90 degree Sector/360 Omni antenas (3 different AP models)
  • 4900 - 6000MHz
  • GPS network wide synchronization
  • Low latency - under 8 ms


Telrad has signed on mostly the old Alvarion partners and Patrick Leary who we have known for a very long time has been very active on the forums promoting their new product line and its capabilities.  We do have several customers who have deployed it and are testing the system.   It is way to early to discuss anything about the system, but we can say that there has been some positive results so far. This system is priced out similar to the Purewave 3.65 Wimax (now Mercury Networks) platform, so it is as the upper end of the point to mulitpoint marketplace, but it brings a different kind animal to the table. They are touting TD-LTE advanced capablities with carrier aggregation.


Telrad BreezeCOMPACT Highlightsthumbs_compact-0783-300x225 (1)
  • Wimax/TD-LTE Advanced Software upgradeable (Software Defined Radio)
  • Line of Site, Near Line of Site, Non Line of Site
  • 3.x GHZ and 2.x GHz
  • High Capacity 2x4; 4x4
  • 4th order Diversity MiMo
  • Up to 500MHz frequency span
  • Multi Sector, Multi Carrier
  • PoE in/out power to power backhaul
  • Small form factor (Zero footprint all outdoor solution)
  • Data and GPS chaining between sectors
  • Multiple options for Base Stations and CPE's


Overall, we can see why folks are excited about the buzz of both manufacturers. We also know of several other manufacturers who will be releasing products in the coming months as well that are game changers. What does this mean for Wireless Internet Service Providers? It means they will have a lot more choices, and it also means they will be able to service a lot more customers in urban markets, as well as NLOS markets.   They will be able to offer some systems that can fully support video, data, and VoIP at carrier grade levels.

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