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Cambium PTP 650 Backhaul

It seems like every week a new point to point backhaul comes out with tons of bells and whistles. DoubleRadius, has been installing point to point backhauls for over 15 years and we have seen many manufacturers come and go. However, today, we would like to really spotlight a product line that offers carrier grade type performance in an unlicensed space.


We have been deploying Cambium PTP 400, PTP 500, and PTP 600 for a very long time. These backhauls, though expensive, have been rock solid. Cambium Networks has since put out quite a few more series of PTP backhauls.


Today, we would like to showcase the PTP 650. This series is a star and we believe it to be one of the most reliable and best unlicensed point to point solutions on the market. Our customers have had a lot of success with this product line and we believe that you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to PTP links. Yes, it is more expensive than many others, but it is a system you put up and it performs flawlessly. Your backhaul link tends to be a critical piece of your network, so it pays to make sure you choose the correct product for your specific solution.



Our services are free, so let us help you make the proper choice for your point to point solutions. We are considered by many as the experts in the industry when it comes to licensed/unlicensed point to point links. We can run a free path analysis for your company for as many links as you want and completely design a system to meet your requirements. We offer full support on all of the PTP systems we design, and we can even come out and help you install the system.



Cambium PTP 650 Highlights
  • Up to 450Mbps

  • 4.9GHz to 6.05GHz

  • Public Safety, Wireless Service Providers, Utilities, Telecommunications, Energy, etc.

  • TDD GPS Synchronization

  • Up to 124 miles

  • Carrier Grade Reliability - 99.999% up-time

  • 2 GB Ethernet ports and optional SFP fiber port

  • 128/256 bit AES encryption (FIPS197 compliant)

  • Connectorized or Integrated options

  • Near and Non Line of Site Deployments

  • Super low latency (under 3ms) - For enhanced performance of Video, VoIP, Data

  • Reduced leased-lines and Fiber Costs

  • Fast Adaptive Modulation

  • Dynamic Spectrum Optimization

  • Tiered Capacity offerings

  • 3 models to choose from (PTP650, PTP650S,PTP650L)

  • 5 to 45 MHz channel bandwidth flexibility


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