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Ubiquiti Webinar Recap: New Products Overview

Ubiquiti Networks is a leading manufacturer of wireless data communications and networking products for a wide array of applications including enterprise, systems integration, MSP, ISP, and home consumer.


DoubleRadius recently presented an overview webinar on exciting new products from Ubiquiti, organized into their Operator and UniFi categories. This article summarizes the presentation made by Caleb Knauer, DoubleRadius Technical Service Director and Ubiquiti Certified Trainer.


New Products Webinar 2

New Ubiquiti Operator Products


Primary for fixed wireless ISPs, new products covered in the Operator section include:



The LTU line represents the Long Term Ubiquiti vision for where their Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multi-Point (PTMP) platform is heading:

  • Custom built from ground up - Not based on Wi-Fi chipset
  • Efficiency is Key
    • 12x 4096 QAM - 1 Gbps coming
    • Advanced RF filtering
    • Advanced AirView and spectrum analysis
    • Split TX/RX
  • Familiar form factors
    • PTP- AF5XHD - Proven performance in the 5 GHz unlicensed
    • PTMP
      • LTU Rocket
      • LTU Pro
      • LTU Lite
      • LTU LR (Long Range)
      • and more on the way...
  • UNMS - Controlled by the Ubiquiti Networking Management System




Ubiquiti LTU Series




airFiber 60 GHz (AF-60)

Heavy duty, professional quality Point-to-Point airFiber platform 60 GHz radio.

  • High frequency, unlicensed
  • Low interference, focused beam, very pocketed
  • 1 Gbps of throughput
  • Up to 2 km
  • 5 GHz failover
  • GPS sync


New Ubiquiti UniFi Products


The UniFi platform has grown over the last decade from their original access points to  an entire suite of solutions. New UniFi products have been developed to bring together other parts of the UniFi ecosystem. UnFi is utilized in enterprise, SMB, residential, and other markets


The new products covered in the UniFi section include:


UniFi Dream Machine (UDM)

Designed for SMB and higher end residential builds using the UniFi ecosystem. 


  • Unifies multiple parts of UniFi into a single form factor:
    • Ubiquiti Security Gateway (USG) - Router
    • Access Point (Wave 2-MU-MIMO)
    • Switch - 4 gigabit managed ports
    • Controller
  • Expandable with additional access points and switches
  • Manage via cloud and UniFi network app


ubiquiti-dream-machineUbiquiti Dream Machine (UDM)



UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro)

This unit is the same concept as UDM but enterprise level.

  • More speed and security than USG
    • IDS and IPS more efficiently
  • Dual WAN- 1x RJ45 Gigabit 1x SFP+
  • LAN - 8x RJ45 Gigabit 1xSFP+
  • HDD Bay for UniFi Protect and 8TB hard drive option
  • Rack Mountable
  • Supports upcoming power options
  • NO AP built in - Like the Dream Machine, it can be expanded with access points and switches


Gen2 Switches

This new family of enhanced switches was built to be UniFi switches from the ground up, with many ports options. 


Gen2 enhancements include:

  • Cooling and noise improvements
  • POE++ support for XG access point
  • LED display and sleek design
  • Layer 3 features in the future
  • Supports power redundancy
  • Streamlined SKU’s
    • USW-16-POE: 60w, 2 SFP Ethernet Ports
    • USW-24-POE: 120w, 2 SFP Ethernet Ports
    • USW-Pro-24-POE: 450w 2 SFP+ Ethernet Ports
    • USW-Pro-48-POE: 660w 2 SFP+ Ethernet Ports


FlexHD Access Point (UAP-FlexHD)

This new access point with flexible mounting options includes the following features:

  • Modern, discrete design to integrate with contemporary architecture and office spaces
  • Optional wall and ceiling mounts
  • LED - blue light to indicate Wi-Fi
  • 802.11ac Wave2 - 4x4 MU-MIMO
  • Dual band


ubiquiti-flex-apUbiquiti FlexHD Access Point (UAP-FlexHD)



BeaconHD Access Point (UAP-BecondHD)

Wireless mesh hop device used as a compliment to Dream Machine and other UniFi APs in a network.


  • Plug and Play - Plugs into wall outlet and will easily adopt in controller
  • Fills in pockets where you need coverage
  • 802.11ac Wave 2- 4x4 MU-MIMO
  • Dual Band
  • Direct AC plug
  • Simple and fast without Cat5


Redundant WAN over LTE (U-LTE)

LTE-fed backup solution for a UniFi network.

  • POE powered - can be anywhere in the network
  • External antenna option and wall mountable
  • Easy to configure
  • Connects over AT&T LTE data plan


UniFi Building to Building Bridge (UBB)

Pre-configured 60 GHz Point-to-Point link kit, managed over UniFi controller. 


  • Operates in 60 GHz Band with 5 GHz failover like AF-60
  • 500m range - built for connecting buildings
  • Illuminating LED ring help with alignment



Watch Webinar Recording & Get More Info


Looking for additional information? Visit the DoubleRadius website to learn more about new Ubiquiti products, or watch the complete Ubiquiti New Products Overview webinar recording by clicking the button below. 


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