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Unleashing Terragraph Technology: Bridging Connectivity with Innovation

A New Way of Doing 60 GHz


Developed by Facebook with the aim of reducing the digital divide in broadband access, Terragraph (TG) presents a distinct approach to overseeing operations in the unlicensed 60 GHz millimeter wave spectrum. TG solutions hold promising potential, benefiting not just WISPs that provide high-speed residential services (100+ Mbps), but also fiber providers.


Exploring WISP Perspectives on Terragraph


Are you curious about Terragraph's reception among WISPs? We recently spoke with several WISPs to get their perspective. We spoke to top executives, including CEOs, Presidents, and Owners of successful WISPs, to get their views on Terragraph Solutions.


We've taken these insights and created a comprehensive WISP Guide: 12 Areas to Adapt for Success in Broadband. This guide is full of tips and strategies on how to become a successful WISP business. You can download the full guide here: 2022 WISP Guide


neighborhood broadband internet access

Jack, Technical Manager at a Michigan-based WISP, expresses his optimism in the potential of technology like Terragraph:

"I’m looking into which specific implementation to use, but to me, Terragraph is a very easy, quick way to get into areas that might take me a couple of years to get to with other technologies. I can backhaul into a neighborhood and then use Terragraph equipment to connect those houses together very easily."


"It gives me an opportunity to get these customers on my side because the actual throughput they get through the TG technology is extraordinary. If I can get a good backhaul to the neighborhood and then get them up and running with 500 Mbps up to a gig in 30 days or so, then I can determine if I need to pull fiber to the neighborhood. That’s a win-win."


Empowering WISPs for Broadband Success: A Comprehensive Guide


In Chapter 11 of the WISP Guide for example, we cover not only WISPs adapting but also touch on the following information:


  • Terragraph Deployment Opportunities
  • Terragraph Solutions
  • Wireless as a Fiber Alternative

As we explore how our connections to the internet are changing, Terragraph stands out as a symbol of change. Facebook's forward-thinking technology helps solve unequal internet access and allows more people to have access to fast internet. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to download the 2022 WISP Guide below.

Download the 2022 WISP Guide

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