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Winning Premium Clients with E-Band Gigabit Links

Higher tier clients may have requirements beyond the scope of even the best microwave wireless solutions on the market. This is where the extreme high capacity of mmWave spectrum E-band wireless can deliver a real alternative to fiber. But what makes the E-Band such a unique and powerful option, and how are links being deployed in the field to win premium clients?


Characteristics of E-Band

E-band link capacity 1+0 radio configurations can deliver up to 10 Gbps, and links run in pairs can reach up to 20 Gbps. Although blazing fast, and with only microseconds of latency, E-band links cover a relatively short distance (one-two miles realistically). 

Rain and humidity can also be factors limiting distance and performance.


E-Band falls under a nationwide (NN) “light” FCC license. Spanning the 70 - 90 GHz mmWave range, it includes approximately 13 GHz of spectrum. 






E-Band as a Real Fiber Alternative

In addition to matching or surpassing fiber speeds, E-Band mmWave links have certain practical advantages over fiber deployments, including:

  • Fixed cost, despite length of link

  • Versatility in crossing impasses - highways, railroads, or bodies of water

  • Simplified deployment - in urban and “Brownfield” areas, or situations involving right of ways and permits (no trenching!)

  • Instant ability to generate income after quick installation


Examples of E-Band in Action



Michael, President & Owner of a Virginia WISP, shares their success with E-Band:


“We use E-Band spectrum radios with a fiber backbone to backhaul 10 Gbps wirelessly into a town where we are delivering high capacity service. We’re connecting clients at anywhere from 100 Mbps - 1 Gbps across town.”


Matt, Co-Owner and Network Engineer from Missouri WISP, explains the importance of E-Band in one of their successful network models:


“The micro-pop model that works so well for us needs E-Band links to thrive. They’re low power, narrow beam, and high capacity. We have an 80 GHz link with 2 ft. dishes running a gigabit full duplex. Radios in this E-Band spectrum are lightly licensed, plus they are coming down in price. We backhaul from one mico-pop to another. We can over-subscribe 30-50 business customers at 200 Mbps off one mico-pop, and it still works.”


Bigger Pay-Off with E-Band

Delivering premium E-Band solutions justifies charging premium prices. When you can easily meet the requirements of higher end clients with "fiber-like" expectations, more doors are opened for expanding and growing your business in exciting ways! 

Check out Chapter 8 of our WISP Guide 2019 for more on E-Band gigabit links. You'll also find that the guide is full of chapters on related topics for growing your network and your business.


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