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UniFi Switch or EdgeMAX Switch?

This question keeps coming up from customers, which switch should I go with? The UniFi Switch or the EdgeMAX Switch? We have written this short article to help give some clarification to the slight differences between the two.


Ubiquiti has made it clear that the UniFi products are designed with the Enterprise/SMB customer in mind. All of these products are developed incorporating a single management interface. Ubiquiti has invested a lot into keeping the Unifi products simpler and easier to use to meet the different demands of the enterprise market.



The EdgeSwitch targets the Broadband / ISP / Carrier market while UniFi Switch targets the Enterprise / SMB market. The UniFi Switch products are designed for a wider IT audience and tend to be simpler and easier to use.



Unlike the EdgeSwitch, there is no built-in software user interface on the UniFi Switch. While the GUI is user-friendly and intuitive, there are inherent advantages to using a Command-Line Interface to run operational commands and make configuration changes in computing and networking. The newest Ubiquiti training course, Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (UBRSS) is designed to introduce the fundamentals of Routing & Switching for ISPs while outlining and teaching the EdgeOS CLI to all audiences: operational mode vs. configuration mode, tips & tricks for fast navigation, common & vital commands, etc.


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