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CLEC, ILEC & MSO - Benefits of Wireless

It’s rare to find a communications company that offers only one type of platform or service. Telcos that are CLECs or ILECs (Competitive/Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) and cable companies or MSOs (Multiple Systems Operators) are diversified, offering a combination of services often including TV, phone, internet, and a host of others.


Think Big with Wireless

Today’s wireless is capable of delivering multiple Gigabits per second. Designed correctly, a wireless network can outperform copper, coax, or go toe-to-toe with fiber. A “triple play” of TV, phone, and internet, plus additional services such as video surveillance, can all be delivered over wireless. With proper engineering, wireless but can provide CLECs and MSOs with an exciting competitive edge for years to come over fiber-only competitors!


Growth with Wireless Internet

Whether Local Exchange Carriers or MSOs are adding internet to their offerings for the first time or building on their existing wireline infrastructure, fixed-wireless solutions have several key advantages, especially when compared to trenching fiber and coax:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Rapid rate of deployment
  3. Ability to reach outlying or otherwise hard to reach customers

New customers can be connected wirelessly in either line-of-sight or non-line-of-sight scenarios, in close or long range, both faster and cheaper than wired alternatives.


Want to Learn More?

More information on the Benefits of Wireless for CLEC, ILEC & MSO is available on the DoubleRadius web site, including details about:

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