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Quick Guide to Fixed Wireless for Telcos - Summary


Over the years, DoubleRadius has helped our telecom (CLEC & ILEC) customers grow their internet offerings with fixed wireless in ways that would not have otherwise been possible. Below we’ve provided a summary of our new quick guide to fixed wireless for the modern CLEC & ILEC. If this summary catches your interest, you'll find a link to the download the complete version of the guide at the end of this article.   

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Fixed Wireless: A New Paradigm for CLECs & ILECs


Landline phone sales have been declining for the last two decades. Consumers have chosen mobile phones vs. landlines and it’s having a negative impact the Telecom industry (ILEC/CLEC). In response to the decline in traditional phone sales, many Telecoms are frantically searching for additional sources of revenue to stay afloat. Broadband, IPTV, and VOIP are often a natural fit.


Telcos traditionally have deployed broadband with copper (dial-up/ DSL/ Cable) and fiber transport. Copper and fiber deployments have some limitations. It’s expensive to trench and trenching takes time. However, there is another option... Wireless!


Growth Potential with Fixed Wireless


Wireless gives Telcos the ability to expand quickly and affordably. With copper and fiber, it could take weeks, months or even years to finish a project. Wireless cuts deployment times and costs for Telcos significantly.


Wireless also can reach customers on the outer edge of your network. Even in NLOS deployments, LTE can be deployed. Below are some typical wireless deployments:


Figure A shows an example of a complete fixed wireless network.


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Figure B shows and example of a Hybrid Fiber-Wireless network deployment. 


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Future Proofing with Fixed Wireless


The demand for bandwidth has been dramatically increasing year over year, while the demand for landline phones has been decreasing. Telcos must adapt and add services to be able to survive which makes broadband an attractive addition to landline phone services. Fixed wireless is a great option to keep your network future proofed. The technology is always evolving and can now offer reliable multi-gigabit links. Wireless can be deployed quickly almost anywhere and is easily upgradeable.


New spectrum opportunities continue to present themselves as well. For example, the FCC is in the process of opening the CBRS band (3550 - 3700 GHz) for commercial deployment. Most equipment for CBRS will be based on LTE standards but not all. This band opens up new opportunities for reaching customers in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) environments.


For a deeper dive into fixed wireless for the telecom industry check out our Quick Guide to Fixed Wireless for Telecom (CLEC & ILEC).


Download Guide to Fixed Wireless for Telecom



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