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RF Weatherproofing Made Easy with Gamma

Gamma Electronics specializes in cable protection, assembly, and identification products. Founded in 2006, Gamma, saw early success with AT&T, implementing a Cold Shrink solution used on their FirstNet towers. DoubleRadius recently had the chance to host Gamma for a webinar on the topic of "RF Weatherproofing Made Easy." In our article below, we summarize Gamma's highly effective, easy-to-use weatherproofing products, as highlighted during the webinar.


Cold Shrink


Watching this 15 second Cold Shrink install video below quickly demonstrates its benefits of this simple yet carrier-grade RF weatherproofing product:


15 Second Install of Cold Shrink  RF Weatherproofing


Quicker Installation Time


The difference in installation time between typical tape and butyl weatherproofing solutions vs Gamma’s Cold Shrink solutions are clear. Multiply this by the number of connections an installer faces in a typical week, and the time saved begins to pile up. Naturally, the ROI of a 1-minute (or less) install versus a 5 minute install becomes obvious. 


Easier Accessibility


The numerous cable connections placed close together on radio units can make installation a difficult task, especially if weatherproofing involves winding tape. Cold-Shrink, on the other hand eliminates winding and essentially all maneuvering.


Consistent Quality Control


Installer's inconsistent tape application can cause QC issues. This was reflected in one webinar attendee's question, on which method was best. The potential for inconsistency is virtually eliminated with Cold Shrink.


Biggest Benefit - Reduced Maintenance Costs


There is one more benefit to consider, and it happens to be the most important one. Gamma explained that although the above benefits were considerations, the biggest determining factor for AT&T adopting their Cold Shrink solution was actually a reduction in maintenance costs. They learned that maintenance accounts for that roughly half of the operational costs for a major carrier deploying 4G, and that one of the top reasons for maintenance is bad weatherproofing. Solutions either don't work completely, or fail over time. The main culprits of temperature and adhesive issues simply do not have the same damaging effect on Gamma’s Cold Shrink.


Other RF Weatherproofing Options


Gamma does offers a variety of weather proofing products in different shapes and sizes, All products share the goal of providing incredible weather protection that's fast and easy to install and created, with longevity in mind. Although Cold Shrink is the preferred default option to "Set It and Forget It," Gamma has learned that sometimes special circumstances call for other options such as:


  • Slide Locks - If you want to swap out the cable
    A reusable cable protection product with a hard shell and gel interior that “slides and locks” into place over the connection.

  • Weatherproof Boots - if you can install before terminating the cable
    Silicon boots with straight and right angle options.



Install Comparison of Cold Shrink, Side Lock, and Weatherproof Boots 

  • Magic Tape - when there are no other options

    Ethylene propylene rubber material that adheres to itself without glue. Self-amalgamating and.or self-fusing.


Pre-Assembled Low PIM Cable Kits 


Gamma also conveniently offers low PIM RF cables that come pre-assembled with Cold Shrink or Weatherproof Boots RF weatherproofing products. Additionally, both low PIM and low loss cabling are available in spools, or as separate in a wide variety of single sku items.


Watch RF Weatherproofing Webinar


Looking for additional details on RF Weatherproofing solutions from Gamma Electronics? Watch the full recorded webinar now!


Watch Gamma Webinar Now




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