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SAF Integra Webinar Recap: Multi-Gigabit Licensed Backhaul

SAF Tehnika has been engineering quality RF solutions since 1994 from their headquarters in Latvia. DoubleRadius recently had the opportunity to host SAF for a webinar on Multi-Gigabit Licensed Backhaul, during which they highlighted their new Integra-X and E series of wireless solutions. In this article, we've summarized the main product features and webinar take-aways for those who'd like a quick review.



Basic Comparison of the Integra-X & E


The Integra-X is a full outdoor XPIC dual core radio reaching maximum data transmission capacity of 2.2 Gbps with a built in 10 Gbps ethernet switch. The Integra-X incorporates two transceivers and two modem chains allowing the system to operate in 2+0 XPIC.


The Integra-E, on the other hand, is a carrier grade E-band "wireless-fiber" solution delivering 10 Gbps capacity. The Adaptive Code Modulation and Bandwidth (ACMB) that the Integra-E supports allows for the coding rate, modulation, and bandwidth changes to be set in real time based on the link’s condition, allowing for massive increases in payload capacity and link availability.


Common Features of Integra-X & E


Features that are common to both the Integra X & E include the following:

  • Built in advanced 10Gbps Ethernet switch
  • Dual power for redundancy
  • POE injectors designed specifically for Integra-X & E
  • Carrier Grade backhaul solutions and fiber equivalent capacity
  • 5 Year Standard Warranty
  • External Antennas - different compatible antenna size options
  • User friendly SAF GUI
  • Highest Tx power on the market, and lowest dollar per megabit



Specific Differences of the Integra-X & E


Getting more granular, the specific differences between the series are:


Feature Integra-X Integra-E
Capacity Up to 2.2 Gbps at 2x 112 MHz 4096 QAM Up to 10 Gbps at 2000 MHz 128 QAM
Configuration 1+0 1+0, 2+0 XPIC
Gigabit Ethernet 1xRJx45, 2xSFP+ xRJx45, 2xSFP
Supported Channel Sizes 5 to 112 MHz 63.5, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 MHz



Full SAF Integra Webinar Recording and More 


Our SAF Tehnika web page acts as a portal for updated information and resources on the Integra series and all things SAF. There you'll find:


  • Full Recording of the Multi-Gigabit Licensed Backhaul Webinar
  • Special SAF Promotions
  • Descriptions and Videos of SAF products and technology
  • Additional SAF Tehnika resources


Watch SAF Integra Webinar Recording


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