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Top 12 Ways that Azotel SIMPLer Automates WISP Operations

The creators of Azotel first designed their solution way back in 2002 when they were an ISP in search of a comprehensive management system. Since it didn’t exist, they developed their own software internally. When it became evident that other ISPs had the same need, this lead to the focused development of their software into the reliable and robust SIMPLer platform. In this article, we summarize the top 12 automation features of this resulting WISP management system that is now time-tested and deployed worldwide.


Important Clarifications about Azotel SIMPLer


Before diving into the top automation features of this system, there are a few important clarifications to make for hose who may have heard of the platform but not looked at it closely.


The Azotel SIMPLer platform:

  1. Is a WISP Automation System - much more than a billing system (as outlined in detail below).
  2. Is needed even more by smaller WISPs - it's not just for larger providers.
  3. Now supports LTE and fiber deployments.
  4. Pays for itself - saves time wasted on administrative tasks.
  5. Comes with excellent support.

Having said that, let's take a look at the top 12 ways that Azotel SIMPLer automates WISP Operations:


1. Customer Relationship Management

Azotel’s SIMPLer platform manages all customer (and prospect) data from start to finish, and includes integrated trouble ticketing and sales tracking systems. This is user friendly, intuitive interface, makes important information easily accessible. Operators can also customize customer records and add file attachments.


2. Billing and Payment Processing

Direct debit, e-checks, and credit cards payments are supported, and interfaces to the most common payment gateways available (ie Authorize.Net, IP Pay, Moneris, Realex, PayPal, Payment Express). Usage-based billing allows subscribers to be charged based on the amount of data that they use. Plus, an integrated debtors ledger and various other financial reports are included.


3. Auto Notification, Throttling and Disconnect

SIMPLer monitors subscribers with overdue invoices. Those who've exceeded their data cap can be automatically notified, throttled, or disconnected per your discretion.


4. Bandwidth Management

The optional WISP-In-a-Box (WIB) provides bandwidth management and traffic shaping capabilities. This allows customers to be organized into groups with preset uplink/downlink speeds and contention ratios, and enables restriction of peer-to-peer traffic.


5. End-User Portal

The End-User Portal allows customers to view and edit their account info, payment method, and equipment details. They can check their current balance, review previous invoices, make electronic payments, purchase hotspot tokens, view their data usage, run a speed test, and more.


6. Helpdesk Service

Outsourced helpdesk service is available form customer support. Helpdesk staff are not only know the SIMPLer platform but are also experienced with mitigating typical WISP customer issues. This spares operators the hassle of hiring and managing staff for 24-7 support.



7. Hotspot System

Hotspot services are possible through Azotel’s optional Hotspot-In-a-Box (HIB), or with a MikroTik hotspot controller. Free and paid services can be provided, with purchased tokens being limited by time and/or data. Login pages can also be customized to promote the operator's brand.

8. Inventory Management

All equipment can be managed within SIMPLer. This allows operators to manage current customer equipment and plan for new installs with inventory across multiple warehouse locations. Parent-child relationships can show an entire equipment hierarchy.

9. Network Monitoring

SIMPLer monitors network health and identifies unreachable equipment, and alerts can be sent via email and/or SMS for instant notification of potential issues. A host of other diagnostic tools and statistics are available, including usage graphs for customers and equipment.


10. Dispatch, Installation and Provisioning

SIMPLer automates much of the provisioning process for new customers, eliminating possible problems. Scheduling of installs and repairs via Google calendar includes daily email notifications to installers detailing their upcoming tasks.


11. Flexible Reporting

Operators can connect securely to the SIMPLer database with external reporting such as Crystal Reports or Jasper Reports, allowing for complex queries.

12. Mapping and Coverage Checking

Customer locations can be overlaid on Google Maps and Google Earth, helping operators identify new potential service areas. A coverage checker is also integrated, which can determine if a line-of-sight connection from an access point to a potential customer is possible.


Ready to Learn More about Azotel SIMPLer?


Azotel equips broadband operators around the globe with the technology and automated business processes outlined above, enabling them to build out commercially successful and highly profitable networks. Sign up now for your free demo, and get a look under the hood at this easy-to-use, cost-effective, and proven WISP automation system!


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