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Managed Service Provider & Systems Integration Growth Opportunities

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) can incorporate a wide variety of offerings into their business model. In addition to various types of wireless networking, other opportunities also exist with related technologies. For companies with techs already in the field, these additional solutions can serve as natural extensions of current offerings, increasing revenue with existing customers and expanding the customer base. In this article, we present a list of services for MSPs and SIs to consider, as they look to grow and expand their business.


Enterprise / Campus WiFi


Managed campus-wide WiFi can be an excellent way to build a recurring revenue model. A comprehensive plan includes network design, deployment, monitoring, management, support, and upgrading.




DoubleRadius is the distribution partner for Inviacom, a highly successful MSP that serves retirement communities nationwide. Our close working relationship over the last nine years puts in a great position to offer support and advice to our other customers looking to grow or begin the MSP component of their business. As your company looks for ways to grow as an MSP, we can help with network design, product selection, and service offerings.


WiFi Hotspots


WiFi attracts customers to indoor and outdoor locations where staying connected is expected. Businesses that offer WiFi tend to have happier customers that spend more money. SIs deploy WiFi hotspots for customers including hotels, coffee shops, RV parks, marinas, truck stops and others. 


DoubleRadius can enable your company to deploy WiFi hotspots virtually anywhere. Whether managed by your team or the client, our Managed WiFi Checklist article explains important things to consider:


  • Design aesthetics
  • Specs - frequency, speed, etc.
  • Footprint
  • Scalability
  • Ease of deployment and management


We can also help your team understand the latest WiFI developments, as we do in our article on Emergence of WiFi 6 as Our World Demands Greater Connection


Point-to-Point Links


Point-to-Point (PTP) backhaul links deliver high capacity wireless connectivity over long distances, even over challenging terrain.




Wireless PTP saves time and money compared to digging fiber, with a number of practical applications including:

  • Building-to-building connectivity
  • Video surveillance backhaul
  • T1 replacement or redundancy
  • Micro-pop / hotspot backhaul


Video Surveillance


Video cameras traditionally work over wired networks, but powerful options are also available for wireless networking. Versatile IP cameras with pan/tilt/ zoom technology can be monitored and operated remotely via the internet from anywhere. Megapixel resolution, thermal (night) vision, and weatherproof and vandal resistant enclosures are just some of the available options.


Video network installation is a natural extension for MSPs and SIs already offering WiFi or other wireless LAN/WAN solutions. The DoubleRadius team can guide your team with cameras selection, network design, management, and maintenance.


VoIP Systems


DoubleRadius has utilized a VoIP system at our headquarters for over a decade. As such, we can help your company design VoIP solutions for your clients that are looking to modernize their telecommunications.


Clients adopting a VoIP phone system can reduce their monthly costs both at the office and in the field. As land-line telephone services become nearly obsolete, you can help your customers by introducing them to this cost-effective, feature rich, high quality alternate of VoIP.


Indoor Cellular Coverage Boosting


More than 70% of cellular calls are made indoors, precisely where cell signals can suffer the most. However, improving indoor cellular coverage is an opportunity that providers often overlook.


Our How to Optimize In-Building and Mobile Cellular Coverage with Cel-Fi article explains the technology that can be deployed to solve the problem for customers. This innovative solution:


  • Delivers high gain coverage (1000x stronger, 100dB)
  • Does not cause interference with other wireless
  • Installs easily
  • Allows for remote device management




Power Solutions


Your company has the opportunity to meet the power requirements of your customers, in even in the most challenging of circumstances. Delivering turnkey, outdoor, uninterruptible power systems is now possible even for those tricky remote locations. DoubleRadius partners with Tycon Systems to offer a variety of power options including:


  • Solar
  • Mobile solar (see below)
  • Wind turbine


Scenarios include construction sites, concerts and festivals, emergency power, agriculture, temporary security and lighting, and others.


Take Advantage of New Opportunities


Whether you pick one of these opportunities to focus on or decide to explore them all,  DoubleRadius can facilitate training for your team, and can recommend equipment that is ideally suited for your client’s requirements.


More information on opportunities, plus helpful resources, can be found in our new Reseller Handbook. You'll also find use cases of Managed Service Providers and Systems Integrators that have their hand in many different areas.


Ready to dig deeper? Download our new Reseller Handbook today to learn more!  



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