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What Is a Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP?

Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISPs are those that deliver internet service over their networks using a combination of both fiber and wireless technologies. ISPs are coming from both ends of the spectrum (pun intended) to the hybrid model. There are situations where ISPs that have relied exclusively on one form or another are compelled to diversify for a combination of practical reasons.


Wireless Network vs. Wired Networks

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) or Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) refers to a style of networking that involves wireless devices mounted at fixed locations, transmitting signals wirelessly from point to point and ultimately to each subscriber. Wireless access operators, or Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), offer internet service over this type of wireless network. 


Contrast this wireless style of networking with traditional wired networks, which utilize copper, dsl, coax or fiber optics. Now consider another hybrid option for ISPs - one that combines technologies. This is where the "Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP" concept comes into play.




Comparison of Fiber and Wireless Advantages
Generally speaking, the advantages of fiber vs wireless could be considered to be the following:


Consideration Advantage
Rapid deployment Wireless
Initial Investment Wireless
Total Area that Can Be Covered Wireless
Time to ROI Wireless
Capacity (Bandwidth) Fiber
Stability Fiber
Length of Time Before Upgrade Fiber


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