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How to Protect Outdoor PoE Equipment from Surge

Lightning and surge is a serious concern for business and home owners alike. According to the Insurance Information Institute, lightning damage in in 2018 accounted for over $857 million in..

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Securing WISP Funds - Financing & Rural Broadband State Grants

 “Bootstrapping” involves using your personal finances to fund your business venture, and it’s a common practice for start up WISPs. While this is a noble concept, it can leave your business..

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Cable Pro Talks Fixed Wireless

 “Cutting the cord” is gaining in popularity in the U.S., according to the Convergence Research Group report. By the end of the year, 34% of U.S. households will drop their cable and satellite..

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Cable Providers Cutting The Cable

A headline like, “Cable Provider Cuts Their Own Cables” would have raised a lot of eyebrows 15 years ago. Wireless technology back then was relatively slow and unstable compared to fiber and..

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