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Repairing vs Replacing Fixed Wireless Equipment

A important part of business solvency for service providers is having a contingency plan for damaged fixed wireless radio equipment. When factors ranging for storms to eventual wear and tear..

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Wireless Broadband Opportunity for Electric Coops

Electric coops provide an essential resource by delivering power to their customers, but what if they could cost-effectively offer another necessity as a win-win? Although not technically a..

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Advantages of Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Networks

The concept of a "hybrid" network comprised of both fiber and wireless implies that there are advantages to each, and that the sum of both parts is greater than either on its own. So how do..

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Benefits of Interference-Free Licensed Microwave

Use of licensed microwave spectrum includes certain key benefits that would improve any network, and make the service provider's life easier. Although licensed is often the best solution for..

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