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What Is Telrad BreezeNEXT and IaaS?

Telrad Networks' recent launch of their BreezeNEXT solution marks their entrance into next-generation infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings. With this development, Telrad opens up exciting possibilities in cloud-based private 5G/4G LTE networking for their service provider and enterprise users. This article takes look at what this new BreezeNEXT is, how IaaS works, and what it can achieve for those deploying it into their networks.




What is BreezeNEXT?


Telrad's BreezeNEXT is a full-stack solution that consists of a cloud-based evolved packet core (EPC), local traffic breakout capabilities and corresponding SIM cards. WISPs of any size can easily integrate BreezeNEXT with their existing enterprise network and deploy it in cloud-only or hybrid topologies. As Telrad Networks explained in their recent in their press release:

“BreezeNEXT will... enable Telrad customers to breathe new life into their existing infrastructure, future-proof their networks, diversify their current offerings and deliver outstanding service to their end users—all at a fraction of the cost of rolling out physical infrastructure.”


Designed for convenience and ease of use, BreezeNEXT's connectivity management platform provides secure, centralized administration that includes:


  • Device management
  • Traffic control
  • Multi-tenant process automation


It's platform enables full network configuration and subscription, seamlessly working alongside CRM or ERP systems.



What's the Importance of IaaS?


A key component of BreezeNEXT is that it's powered by Monogoto, a cloud-based cellular network whose API-driven Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) makes cellular connectivity possible, including roaming capabilities. This opens up opportunities that were previously only accessible to major national carriers. 


As a result, BreezeNEXT allows service providers and enterprises to create secure, autonomous private cellular networks over existing physical infrastructure. This IaaS conveniently integrates with existing Telrad LTE hardware, creating new revenue stream opportunities for expanded voice and data services.






This represents a significant advantage, as next-generation network upgrades typically call for a huge investment in infrastructure and resources. In contrast, cloud-centric BreezeNEXT can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed, delivering a broader, carrier-class portfolio of offerings for business and residential customers.


BreezeNEXT Highlights & Advanced Features


In addition to IaaS aspect of BreezeNEXT described above, other highlights of the solution are that it:

  • Creates multi-tenant, carrier-independent LTE/5G networks
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure
  • Allows for customization with rich API feature set
  • Centralizes visibility & management
  • Supports MVNO-style roaming capabilities (see below)
  • Includes flexible cloud and hybrid deployment options
  • Offers user-friendly billing and self-service consoles


Advanced features for BreezeNEXT also include its:


  • CBRS domain proxy
  • Integration with SAS administration
  • Convenient CPE management
  • Full auditing and event logging


Why Is MVNO Support Important?


Telrad's BreezeNEXT also allows ISPs to function as independent service providers and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). Practically speaking, this means they can operate in the CBRS band with the added advantages of:


  • Roaming
  • Multi-tenancy capabilities
  • High levels of security, control and visibility.


End users with newer mobile devices are able to scan a QR code to associate their device with their preferred WISP’s network. The BreezeNEXT cloud-based EPC will then optimize the data traffic for roaming users depending on location, providing high-performance network connectivity.


Learn More about BreezeNEXT


Looking for more info? Telrad recently hosted their "Private LTE/5G Network" webinar featuring BreezeNEXT on July 27, 2021. Click below the watch the recording now!


Watch BreezeNEXT Webinar

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