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UniFi Switch or EdgeMAX Switch?

This question keeps coming up from customers, which switch should I go with? The UniFi Switch or the EdgeMAX Switch? We have written this short article to help give some clarification to the slight..

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WISPAmerica 2015 Show Review

WISPAmerica landed in St. Louis this year. Some folks were concerned with all of the riots and everything that were going on in that part of the world. However, we want to give credit to all of..

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Cambium PMP 450 System Highlights

We have been designing and deploying Motorola/Cambium fixed outdoor wireless systems for Wireless Service Providers for a long time. We were the FIRST company to ever supply the Motorola Canopy..

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Mimosa B5 vs. B5-Lite

Mimosa made an announcement about their B5-Lite backhaul radio, so we thought we would try to help clarify the differences between the full B5 solution and the B5-Lite solution. The initial release..

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